Chicken Noodle Soup Reading Room


The most popular canned soup in America is chicken noodle soup. Consumer Reports recently tested 15 versions to check nutrition and taste.

For several days recently, the laboratories of Consumer Reports were filled with the aroma of chicken noodle soup. Top-selling brands of canned, jarred and dry soups were tested, including Campbell's, Progresso, Healthy Choice and Lipton.

Also tested were several brands of dry soup mixes called ramen - a soup that's more noodle chicken than chicken noodle.

Testers examined nutrition information and panelists judged the soups for texture and flavor.

The worst-tasting was Campbell's baked ramen.

"We rated this one poor, with a taste and smell like cardboard," said a judge.

Many soups lost points for mushy noodles and none of the soups met the highest standards for texture and flavor, but testers rated two soups good overall.

"These soups had a distinct chicken flavor, tender bites of chicken and tasty, very slightly firm vegetables and noodles," said a judge.

The two soups Consumer Reports rated highest were Progresso's, a soup made only with white meat at 82 cents a serving, and Campbell's home-style chicken noodle, at 49 cents.